FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid


I wanted to write an article on FC Barcelona and Real Madrid!! Why? Because I have all the time in the world to look into these things. No! It is because it is part of my job to understand merchandise as this is what I sell. Also I have been wondering if Real Madrid winning the Champions League twice in the last two years has any effect on its popularity and how big are the differences per region. For example here in the Netherlands it mainly FC Barcelona but that is because of all the Dutch players that have played there (Johan Cruyff for example)


To do this I need a few tools. Lets use google trends and here below is more information on the topic.




It think it might be good to add a few sub questions and focus on a few areas.

  • Which areas are each of the clubs more popular? And how do they rank with the Premier League
  • Lets have a closer look at Europe and see how the differences are?
  • Has anything changed the last 5 years.


Here below is an overview of the world wide status. Red: FC Barcelona and Blue being Real Madrid

A few things supprise me on this!! .

  • In Sweden and Norway Real Madrid is searched more than FC Barcelona on Google. Till now I have been told that FC Barcelona is much more popular than Real Madrid.
  • Portugal is Red which means FC Barcelona. This is where Ronaldo comes from and thus would be blue. But it is not.


The rest seems to make sense with Brazil and Argentina being more FCB (Messi and Neymar) and Mexico being Real Madrid (History of Mexican players at Madrid)


But which is bigger. If you look at Google Trends then it is impossible to say. Below is 5 frame and it does look like it has increased in total the last years. But it is not clear that RM has increased more in the last 2 years



In the Daily mail it has an overview of how popular the two clubs are on social media. Then we do have a winner. Real Madrid!! By a very small margin. It is also clear that Football dominates social media!



Another amazing thing I found is that during the El Clasico (barcablaugranes.com). Is that on social Media Spain ended on the 6th place. Below the following 5 countries. Quit amazing.

  1. Brazil
  2. Mexico
  3. Argentina
  4. United States
  5. Indonesia


Now we have gotten a global idea about the two clubs. Let’s look a bit closer at Portugal and Sweden as they were different than I expected. Portugal being FCB and Sweden being Real Madrid.


Sweden trend:


Portugal trend


Both are almost 50/50 but still very surprising.


To summarize:

  • Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are both big brands and it is hard to say which one is bigger as it is so close
  • They are worldwide brands if you look at the fact that they are much bigger on social media abroad then in Spain. And on social media they are bigger than English clubs and teams from NFL and NBA. Also the fact that 10% of all Social Media users like/follow one of the two brands.


By Dennis Teulings

Ps: I am dyslectic so this article might contain selling and gramma errors

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